Thursday, July 8, 2010

Elliot Allagash - Simon Rich

Seymour is an isolated and lonely 8th grader who likes the quiet places at school - detention and sitting by himself at lunch. All this changes when the incredibly wealthy and amoral Elliot Allagash decides to relieve the boredom of school by transforming Seymour into the school’s most popular and successful student. What follows is a master class in deception, cheating, manipulation and the power of money. But as Seymour is transformed into something that he is not, he becomes more and more disconnected from his parents and himself.

This book is about money and power, what money can buy and ultimately what it cannot. Funny, thought provoking and slightly twisted, the book is a reminder of the agony of trying to fit in and be accepted as a teenager.

A little short on characterisation, the book more that makes up for it in entertainment and is a reminder to us all to beware what we wish for!

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