Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Reading Challenge

As the end of term approaches and you are wondering what to do with your teens for the summer why not challenge them to a readathon or summer reading challenge. We have listed a set of prompts and those taking part in the challenge must select one book for each prompt (12 in total) and finish all 12 books before the new school year starts at the end of the summer - thats 1 book a week!

And parents, if you are challenging your teens why not challenge yourselves and read along with your teens, the prompts are not just to be used with teen/young adult fiction, they can equally apply to adult books or read the books your teens choose so that you can talk about them.

Let us know what books you intend to read either through our comments box below or come and see us in the shop and we will post them on the blog so that everyone can see what everyone else is reading.

If you need help finding books for the prompts come and see us and we will be able to suggest something.

The Challenge:

Read one book from each of the categories below (12 in total) before school resumes at the end of the summer.

  1. As it's the holidays, choose a holiday destination and read a book either set there or by an author from that country or place.
  2. As 20th June is Father's Day, read a book that features a father or has the word father/dad in the title
  3. Read a graphic novel
  4. Read a book set in the future
  5. As its summer read a book with a 'hot' word in the title (eg heat, sun, summer, scorch).
  6. As the summer is the time for the beach and we all want to be toned and tanned why not build a better body, read a book that deals with improving the body eg cloning, genetic manipulation, body modification, cybernetic implants, tattooing, cosmetic surgery, organ donation).
  7. Read a full length play.
  8. Read a book by an Irish author.
  9. Read a book by an author from another country.
  10. Read a book where the main character is a different gender to you.
  11. Read a book from one of the genres (try choosing something that you wouldn't normally read) ie. crime/thriller, fantasy and sci-fi, humour, romance, horror.
  12. Read a book set in the past/alternative past.

Start Date is Saturday June 5th

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