Friday, June 25, 2010

How Ali Ferguson Saved Houdini - Elen Caldecott

For Ali Ferguson just moving into his new home is an adventure. He and his mother have moved out of his grandparent’s house into a flat in a Tower Block. Ali pretends he is an explorer as he inspects his new neighbourhood but when he meets Caitlin he gets involved in a mystery that is so exciting pretence takes second place. Caitlin’s dad Dave is attacked and Ali, Caitlin’s friend Gez, and Caitlin’s adventures begin when they try to find out who attacked him and why.
The book is not only an adventure story. A second story line follows how the absence of Ali’s dad affects him and his mother. Their move into the Tower block is the start of their plans for a new life without him. Ali becomes aware that his mother has a different idea to him of what this new life will be like. He realises that his view of what his life will be might have to change.
The book also deals with attitudes towards people who are different. For example, Ali’s granddad does not like the area the Tower Block is in and judges it before he has met the people in it. The book explores how preconceptions like this are not always right.
Caldecott has written a book that will be enjoyed by all ages. The exciting plotline and the entertaining characters combine to make a book that is more than a simple adventure story. It is due out on the 12th July and would be a great summer read for the 9+ age group and anyone else who wants to read a good book!

I would like to thank Bloomsbury for providing me with an advance copy of this book for review.
Reviewed by Roisin

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