Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wake - Lisa McMann

It would be cool to be able to see other people's dreams, wouldn't it?

Janie Hannagan would not agree, she has been sucked into people's dreams since she was eight. The falling one, the naked one and the ones that terrify. But the dreams are only one of Janie's problems, she's living with her alcholic mother in the wrong part of town, working and saving furiously to go to college but in school the students keep falling asleep and this means Janie knows their intimate thoughts, feelings, desires and wishes.

When one night she experiences one of Cabel's dreams she is terrified. His reputatuion as a drug dealer goes before him, so how come he is so concerned about her? Trying to make sense of his mixed signals Janie is drawn into more than Cabel's dreams as 2005 draws to a close.

Lisa McMann's style is simple and direct which I liked alot. The story moved forward quickly, although the date and time headings could be confusing and I gave up following them as the story drew me in.

The book has been nominated as an American Library Association Quick Pick for reluctant YA readers and is ideal in this catagory because of the books style. Tagged for ages 12yrs + there are themes of alcholism, drugs and lesbianism in the book.

'Fade' the second book in the expected trilogy of books will be published on 1st August.

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